Truck Hire

 Hire, rather than buy

For some businesses, hiring our Off-Road Trucks makes better financial sense than buying. We offer the option of Off-Road Truck Hire as an alternative to out-right purchase. There can be compelling reasons to hire instead of buying such as “the contract is short-term”, “the Capex exceeds budget” and, “trucking is not our core business so out-source it”. Whatever the reason, we offer a wide range of Off-Road Trucks for hire.

Case Study

During the construction of the Fuel Pipeline between Durban and Gauteng we had 12 trucks on hire to the contractor tasked with sealing the joints of the pipeline. They performed the final process, using teams of 3 trucks, prior to the pipeline being buried.

By this stage the site resembled a muddy scar across the landscape, having been completely churned-up by the numerous excavators and other tracked machinery. In addition the un-seasonally high rainfall saw the farm barbed wire fences completely submerged in places. Our trucks performed exceptionally well and never held up the process; – All 12 of the Off-Road Trucks which we supplied were Samag 120 6×4’s.

We are prepared to structure a contract to suit our customer’s requirements, be it truck specifications, “Wet” or “Dry”, guaranteed buy-back contracts or what-ever needs to be included.