We offer the finest range of Off-Road Trucks in Africa

Not only 6×6 trucks but also select 8×6, 6×4 & 4×4 trucks as-well. We source these vehicles from across South Africa and Around-the-World*. By stocking such a wide range, our customers are able to compare, make informed decisions and choose the right Off-Road Trucks which best meet their requirements & budgets.

Note that all of our Off-Road Trucks are processed through our South African workshops before collection by/delivery to our customers. This ensures that they are firstly mechanically sound and secondly that they have been adapted and modified to our customer’s exact specifications. We offer the option of delivering the trucks to site, and have done so deep into Angola, the DRC, and Tanzania, which further prove the truck’s roadworthiness.

In addition to Truck Sales we offer our customers the option of Truck Hire, which is proving to be very popular for short-term projects. For more information click onto the “Truck Hire” page.

We are frequently asked: if the 6×6 trucks are so good, why offer 8×6 trucks as an alternative?

The two 8×6 models which we stock each have 2 steering axles, the second of which is not driven. So with comparable off-road capabilities they have greater payloads of 15T+ versus a typical payload for our 6×6’s of between 10T & 12T. Importantly, in terms of weight distribution, they can carry a greater load towards the front of the vehicle, which allows for larger/heavier cranes to be fitted directly behind the cab.

*Trucks sourced from outside South Africa must be exported outside of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) which comprises Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa & Swaziland. These vehicles are marked “For Export Only” on this site.